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   Annual tuition:                     $275/credit hour

   Annual  Site fee:                  $500.00

   Support Fee:                       $160/semester



   Annual tuition:                     $4,980 ($415/credit hour, 12 hours per year)

   Annual Site Fee:                  $500.00

   Annual  total:                       $5,560.00


Non-Degree Seeking Adult Learner

   Annual Tuition:                    $1,200.00 (Not Eligible for Federal or State Financial Aid)

                                                Paid to Plainview First Assembly



Additional Student Costs:

Students will need to bring a personal laptop and are responsible for the cost of their books and room and board. Degree-seeking students can use financial aid to cover these costs.  If you are interested in receiving information about living with a host family, please contact Pastor Christina Sattesahn at



Students enrolled in PFLC’s SAGU degree programs may be eligible to receive federal and state financial aid.  A FAFSA must be completed in order to qualify for financial aid. Be sure to include SAGU’s Federal School Code, 003616, on your FAFSA.


Apply for FAFSA 

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