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At PFLC, we believe that classroom learning and ministry training go hand-in-hand. As you pursue academic excellence, you will also be trained within various ministry opportunities at Plainview First Assembly of God. You'll discover and develop your talents and abilities through hands-on training while being mentored by leaders in your field of study. You will declare a Ministry Practicum at the beginning of the year. We provide diverse practicum options allowing you to choose an area you are passionate about, so you can excel in an environment that encourages both personal and professional growth.



This practicum will allow you to immerse yourself in ministry as you develop the giftings, passions, and abilities God has placed inside of you. Pastoring is much more than preaching once a week. You'll learn how to develop and lead teams, create and manage systems, oversee day-to-day operations, develop impactful sermons, and care authentically for a church family.



If you have a passion to see middle and high school students become life-long followers of Christ, the youth ministry practicum may be for you. You will learn to lead, communicate with, and mentor students in various settings through hands-on training.  You'll be taught how to create media elements, implement strategies, and plan events for students as you partner with our staff to provide an interactive, authentic, relevant, and challenging experience each week.



Designed for those who love investing in children, the PFLC Children's Ministries Practicum offers you the opportunity to learn how to minister to the smallest members of the church family. You’ll be trained to create a fun, safe environment for kids birth-5th grade and learn how to come alongside parents to pastor their kids. You will be helping to implement curriculum, develop sermon illustrations, and plan events to nurture children as they grow in their relationship with God.


Media, Tech and AVL

As our world rapidly becomes more and more technologically advanced, a primary means of reaching people is through technology. Many people scout out our church online before they even step foot through our doors. We understand that our mission is sacred, but our methods are not, therefore we adapt as the world adapts to meet lost people where they are. As part of this practicum, you will learn how to design and create an atmosphere where people can encounter Jesus. You will master the systems behind how we communicate His story through video, photography, graphics design, marketing, web design, and live production.



Being a worship leader is more than just singing a song, it is about leading people into the presence of God. As part of the Worship Practicum, you will be stretched and develop into what God has called you to be. You will have the opportunity to write music, direct and lead a band, and hone in on vocal and instrumental skill as you serve on the Plainview First Creative Team.

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